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Products and Services : Browse Products

What is it?

The Browse Products section provides all the information regarding Listingbook Products.  Each product is displayed with an image, short description, and price.  Additional information for each product is provided simply by clicking on the “Learn More” link or the “Product Name” or “Product Image”.  The Browse Product section displays the complete Listingbook Product Catalog.  The individual product pages provide all the crucial information required to select the item that best fits your needs.  The product pages include everything from testimonials to promotional videos that help you better understand the benefits of each product.

How do I use it?

All the types of products offered will be displayed on the tabs provided on the Browse Products page.  This product catalog will provide complete product descriptions, and the ability to “Add to Cart”.  Each product will be displayed on the Browse Products page with the option to click the “Learn More” link to view additional information.

The Browse Products section will display Testimonials, Product Videos, Others Also Ordered example products, and additional information to help educate you on the benefits of each product.  Once you are satisfied with the product of your choice, simply click the “Add to Cart” link to display the item(s) in your Shopping Cart.   Any items placed in your Shopping Cart will simply be waiting for you to proceed to Checkout.  These items will not automatically be purchased until you continue to the Checkout process. 

The Browse Product page will be updated with specials, new products, testimonials, and any other updates to the Listingbook Product Catalog.  Listingbook will continue to provide and update their product offering to better fit your needs.


Listingbook Products – Items offered through the Listingbook Application to help you better serve your Client’s needs.

Product Catalog – Full list of product offering plus all the information required to make an educated purchase that fits your specific needs.

Others Also Ordered – List of products that other Agents in the Listingbook System have recently purchased.

Shopping Cart – Displays all the item(s) that you have selected to “Add to Cart”.   These items will be presented in the Checkout Grid for completion of the purchase.

Monthly Subscriptions – Listingbook products that are offered on a monthly basis.  The purchased service will be renewed automatically every month.

Annual Subscriptions – Listingbook products that are offered on annual basis.  The purchased service will be renewed automatically every year.

Current Subscription – Label displayed in the Product Catalog for item(s) that you have purchased and are currently active in your Listingbook Account.

Testimonials – Written declaration of the success and benefits provided by specific Listingbook products from current Listingbook users.

Learn More – Link displayed for every product displayed in the Listingbook Product Catalog that provides additional information to assist you in making an educated purchase that fits your needs.

Add to Cart – Button displayed on the Product Catalog and on the Product Pages to allow you to add items to the Shopping Cart.

Product Name – Label displayed next to Product Image in the Listingbook Product Catalog.

Product Image – Image displayed next to Product Name in the Listingbook Product Catalog.  This image is displayed in more detail on the specific Product Page.

Checkout – Button displayed on the Shopping Cart that when clicked will allow you to proceed to the Checkout Process.


How do I select the Product I would like to purchase?  Click the “Add to Cart” button displayed on each product in the Listingbook Product Catalog.  This will add the item to the Shopping Cart displayed on the right-side of the page with the ability to click the “Checkout” button once you have finished browsing through the Product Catalog.

Does adding products to my Shopping Cart purchase the items?  No, simply adding items to your cart will not execute the purchase.  You must continue through the Checkout Process by clicking the “Checkout” button displayed on the Shopping Cart?

Can I remove items from my Shopping Cart?  Yes, simply click the “X” button displayed next to the line item(s) that you wish to remove from the Shopping Cart.  There is no limit to the amount of times a product can be added and removed from the Shopping Cart.

Can I change my Monthly Subscription to an Annual Subscription?  Yes, if you are currently subscribed to the Monthly, but would like to change to Annual, Simply purchase the Annual subscription.  Your Annual subscription will take effect once your current Month subscription comes to an end.   There will not be any duplicate charges to your account.

Can I Cancel my Subscription? Will I receive a refund?  Yes, you can cancel your Subscription at any time by contacting our Customer Training team at 1-866-353-3456. Monthly Subscriptions are non-refundable. Annual Subscriptions are refundable only if canceled within the first 30-days from the purchase date.

Can I add the same product to my Shopping Cart more than one time?  Yes, all products that are offered in varying quantities may be added to your Shopping Cart more than once.  The only items that cannot be added to your Shopping Cart more than once are Subscriptions.  The Subscription Products may not be purchased in quantity.  You will be presented with a warning message if you attempt to add a Subscription Product to the Shopping Cart more than once. 

May I add a product to my Shopping Cart that I already have an active Subscription?  No, the “Add to Cart” button will be replaced with a “Current Subscription” label if you have an active Subscription for a certain item(s) in the Listingbook Product Catalog.

How do I play the Product Video displayed on the Product Pages?  The Product Video will automatically play when you view a Product Page with a video displayed.  Once the video plays, simply click the “Play” button displayed on the Video Player to replay.

Why are the Product Videos not displayed on certain Product Pages?  Product Videos will be continually updated and added to the Listingbook Product Catalog.  If certain Product Pages do not have a video displayed, please check back soon as videos will be updated on a regular basis. 

About Printing

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